Have you thought of hiring a personal trainer to help with your fitness goals?  For some of us, the thought of groaning, sweating, grimacing and turning red in the face, up close and personal with a trainer is not appealing.  At least it seemed so to me.  So instead, for a couple years I did all of those contorted facial expressions and sweating on my own at home to workout DVD’s.  My favorite were the Billy Blanks series of Tae Bo, especially the faster-paced original set.  I got great results for two years.  Then something happened.  It seems I reached a plateau though it felt more like hitting a wall a wall. No matter that I was doing the same things, eating the same and working out the same, I was no longer getting results and in fact, things were changing and not for the better.  Sound familiar?

So, I joined a gym.  Going to the gym is one thing.  Knowing what to do there to be the most effective and efficient in the time you have, is another.  Can you relate?  So, I hired a personal trainer.

How to Find a Good Personal Trainer:
As with any profession, not all PT’s are the same, varying in style, approach, knowledge, attitude and professionalism.  So how will you know a good one?

Of course the best way is referrals from fit friends using trainers they’re satisfied with.  In lieu of that, notice the fit people in the gym who are working with trainers; that’s a good sign, right?  Ask them how they like it and how long they’ve worked with their trainer.  Observe the trainer with clients, off-radar.  Do they look the part?  Are they focused on the client during the session or are they looking all around, maybe leaning on the equipment, cracking gum or jokes?  Is there a lot of chatting going on or do they seemed focused and efficient, moving through the workout smoothly and energetically?   You want a PT who is adaptable but has a plan, who is friendly but professional.  The best ones are those who are knowledgable and engaged in keeping up with the cutting edge of their industry and who live fit.  Chatting is fun, but better to chat when you’re not paying them for it, right?  You want to get the most for your time and money and to hire a PT who has your goals in mind and a clear idea of how to help you achieve them.

Tips for interviewing your prospective PT:

* They must look the part

* Ask for client referrals

* Ask their training philosophy to ascertain their knowledge level

* Ask them their ideas of a plan for you

* Avoid those who criticize other trainers or fitness programs

* Objectively knowledgable about the pros and cons of different exercise approaches

* They should encourage you to take before photos and/or measurements and assist you with this to establish a goal.

You will be able to intuit from their responses how comfortable and familiar they are in their profession and whether you resonate to their style and personality.  Avoid those who imply there is only one best way–and of course they know that way–for while certainly there are systems and approaches that work better than others, it really depends on what you’re looking for, what you need and importantly, what you will stick with.  So whatever gets you to your workout and motivated is best for you for now.

My Gym Trainer: as good as a personal trainer?
People sometimes ask us if we’re saying that My Gym Trainer and My Trainer Fitness workouts are as good as a personal trainer.  That’s a great question, and in short, the answer is “no”, BUT, it depends.  IF you don’t have the time or money for a personal trainer, then the next best thing, in our experience is My Gym Trainer and My Trainer Fitness workouts.  Having worked out with the best personal trainers I could find, we then collaborated to bring their expertise to anyone through the MGT workouts.  Having worked out with a great PT and then working out with My Gym Trainer’s, the only difference is there’s no one to bring me the weights, rack them up, cheer me on or challenge me to push harder.  But, with MGT’s I’ve learned to do that for myself and while it’s never easy…it’s always worth it!

Meanwhile, for the BEST Personal Trainers in the Winston-Salem, NC area, we can HIGHLY recommend the Metabolic Effect Physique Training team and studio at 111D Reynolda Village, run by Jade Teta and Jill Coleman, co-author of the My Gym Trainer series.  Working out with Jill (or one of their trainers) is the best, but if you can’t do that, try My Gym Trainer 1, 2 or 3.  I do My Gym Trainer 3 every day, and it’s the same PT protocols and just as effective.

For My Trainer Fitness products visit:  www.MyTrainerFitness.com