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When the “My Gym Trainer” book series came out last winter, we received a lot of feedback from men and women who wanted a version to do at home, since not everyone has a gym membership. We loved the idea and recently launched our “My Trainer Fitness for at Home” 6-pack! It’s a great DIY fitness booklet containing 6 at-home workouts, each containing both cardio and weight training. Days 1 & 4 provide lower body exercise, while Days 2 & 5 work the upper body and finally, Days 3 & 6 hit those core muscles (abs and low back) for a complete full-body workout in 1 week. Of course, just like the MGT books, you can space out the workouts and only exercise 3x/week and then you would not do the same workout twice over a 2- week period. One of the best things about the 6-pack is that EACH WORKOUT IS ONLY 30 MINUTES. And anyone can commit to 30 minutes a day, especially at their house, even in their PJs! J The workouts are easy to follow too! You only need 2 sets of dumbbells (1 heavy, 1 light; how to choose is outlined in the pack), a chair and a mat. Each workout consists of 2 circuits, each of which last 15 minutes. Simply follow the circuit of exercises through as they are laid out, moving quickly from one exercise to the next to get a great cardio, as well as strength workout and boost the metabolism all day long. Start your day off right with a MTFAH workout in the morning before work to stay revved all day! Here is an example of what you can expect:

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My Gym Trainer workouts are for anyone who is a relative beginner to gym exercise and who:

 – Wants to get the most out of their gym membership
 – Wants to improve their physical appearance, conditioning and health
 – Wants to improve their emotional and mental well-being
 – Wants to feel better about themselves and their life
 – Has reached a plateau and is ready for a new challenge
 – Can’t afford a personal trainer but would like the benefits
 – Utilizes a personal trainer and wants additional professional workouts

In addition, My Gym Trainer is very useful for busy trainers as a handy, at-your-fingertips integrated workout program they can incorporate for new clients.

My Gym Trainer:
 – Provides six workouts per week, averaging an hour each.
 – Structures workouts for best results: approximately 50% cardiovascular and 50% strengthening and toning.

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